Voices of Ruin, Sentient Horror, Percussor

Sat, June 17, 2017

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 5:00 pm (event ends at 9:30 pm)


This event is 21 and over

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER is an Extreme Death Thrash band that was formed in 2001 by vocalist Steve Worley. SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER has spent years of hard work building itself into a powerful outfit in the underground metal community across the world. With multiple European and North American tours under their belts, with bands like MASTER, PESTILENCE & VITAL REMAINS, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER is making their mark on underground metal and showing no signs of ever slowing down. SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER now consists of - Aaron T. Whitesides - Guitar, James Pavey - Guitar, Bryan Roth - Drums, Steven Calton - Bass and Steve Worley - Vocals. Check out the intense live show of this unstoppable metal act coming to a town near you. Support the underground, this is SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER.
Voices of Ruin
Voices of Ruin
Voices of Ruin is a cutting edge metal band that combines elements of European melodic death metal and classic heavy metal with the devastation of west coast thrash.

Unrelenting in their delivery, they bring crushing and powerful anthems of burning worlds and vicious demons cast out from Hell. Voices of Ruin have received violent praise opening for high profile metal acts like Dark Tranquillity, Watain, Finntroll, Ensiferum, The Devin Townsend Project, Skeletonwitch, and many other international bands.

Voices of Ruin can be seen scorching stages all over Southern California and soon the world.
Sentient Horror
Sentient Horror
Sentient Horror is a death metal band from New Jersey formed in 2014 by guitarist/vocalist Matt Moliti (ex-Dark Empire). The vision behind Sentience is to play classic early 90’s style SweDeath with a strong emphasis on great songwriting and musicianship.

Don’t let the location of origin fool you, Sentience’s new demo “Beyond the Curse of Death” is so authentic, it led Swedish Death Metal mastermind Dan Swanö (ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Bloodbath) to remark "One of the best SweDeath projects I have come across in the last 20 years. The perfect blend of all the highlights from the Swedish scene from 89 to 91. Truly awesome!"

“Beyond the Curse of Death” was recorded in January and February in Matt’s home studio in Woodland Park, NJ and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios in Örebro, Sweden.
Percussor is
(Ex Afterbirth 91-94, Ex Lesch-Nyhan 13-14)
(Ex Shadows in the Crypt 13-14 , Ex Lesch-Nyhan 13-14)
CHRIS MILLER - Bass/Backing Vocs
(Ex Afterbirth 90-94 , Ex Crucifier 91, Ex Lesch-Nyhan 12-14)
Percussor came to be out of a former band all 3 members were in from 13-14. A decision was made at end of 2014 by Jack , Mark and Chris to move forward musically. A change was needed at singer and a name change to keep it going. The Percussor name was a name that Jack and Chris had after the demise of AfterBirth in 1994 but was never able to find the rest of the pieces for to really get anything off the ground through the 90's on and off . The name was decided to be resurrected with the logo that was originally drawn by Jack back in 1994. So now with Jack taking over vocals and cut down to a 3 piece we were able to accomplish a lot more of what was originally conceived musically during the writing in the former band. A release was being worked on at the time of the split in 2014 a 9 song release with all the music being done by the core of the band. With a rewrite of all the lyrics we were able to finish up the recording in no time which was released in Dec. 2014 entitled Proclamation of Hate. CD's and digital release are available through Horror,Pain,Death,Gore Productions April , 21st 2015. More is able to get accomplished now as we roll on and all band members share a singular work ethic and a full understanding what we are trying to accomplish. A follow up to the first album was recorded in Nov. 2015. A 9 song release called Disturbing Reality with a bonus AfterBirth song called "Murdered " also released on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on Feb. 25th 2016 on Cd and digital format once again. New songs have been completed with new ones being worked on beginning of 2016 towards a release to be recorded that should be out by the beginning of 2017
Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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