Mizmor ~ Hell ~ Moros ~ Caged


Hell, Moros, Caged

Ages 21+
Dave Kiss Presents: Mizmor, Hell, Moros and Caged at Kung Fu Necktie

Mizmor is a one-man heavy music exploration that began in 2012 as a way of dealing with the mental and spiritual anguish I, A.L.N., feel as a person. More specifically, the content behind the project is that of the existential - primal and innate musings about cause, purpose, self, and god. It is the search for light and truth, or the fact that there is none. It comes from an embittered, burned, confused, and broken heart. It is the fight for survival when reason and foundation has turned to nothingness. It is the crashing down of towers of falsehood and the freedom that comes through a certain kind of grief. Ultimately, Mizmor is the manifestation of my long-felt depression, and neither have an end in sight.


Salem, Oregon-based black doom crushers HELL are swiftly rising from the depths. Disregarding stereotypical religious themes and instead focusing on a grieving, doom-ridden personal Hell, the band creates wildly imaginative atmospheric overtones and droning soundscapes over shattering doom metal. A ghastly ambiance is set thanks to conceptual album art compiled from the works of Gustave Dore.

The music of HELL is forefront to the project rather than imagery. In some of the longer songs such as Trucid or Decedere, intensely emotional clean reverby guitars play classical sounding dual leads to bring an immediate overcoming feeling of mourning. A tasteful mix of cello, viola, or flute is added to bring a truly archaic and prestigious sound. Soon enough all hopes are crushed by the insanely heavy guitars and drums. Bass guitar here is used unconventionally, keeping the overall beat. Soaring tremolo leads take over to seemingly reach out to the heavens, only for the listener to eventually be dragged down into the Hellish pits of sorrow and pain. In the end there is no resolve, only an immense feeling of loss and despair.


Nihilistic sludge Philadelphia


Caged is a doom metal band based out of Philadelphia, PA. Consisting of members of Philly black metal/sludge-troupes Hivelords and Black Urn, the band was formed following the dissolution of the latter, with their debut EP slated for summer 2019.

Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N. Front St.

Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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