Quizz Hoess Vol. 13

Quizz Hoess Vol. 13

Ages 21+
Quizz Hoess Vol. 13 - 10/15 at Kung Fu Necktie

~I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK and you're honestly mad!!

I took a 6 month nap and I am finally ready to dust the cob webs out from under my armpits and bring back the pure shit show that is QUIZZ HOE$$ POP DIVA TRIVIA!

Are you still celebrating hot girl summer while doing keg stands of pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks? Have you watched the Motivation music video with loved ones and just...cried? Did you get food poisioning after watching the video of Camila and Shawn lick each other's faces?!?? Are you afraid of Billie Ellish?

...If you answered YES to any of these questions seriously get a therapist but more importantly come to VOLUME 13 of Quizz Hoe$$, Philly's CHAOTIC POP DIVIA TRIVIA NIGHT celebrating ur fave pop gals from the late 90's, early 00's and NOW!!

(*I am saying most chaotic here because my voice gets louder and the crowd gets meaner and god damn, do we love that!!)

~But for real, the rumors are so true, Kung Fu Necktie is welcoming me back into their home for the 13th volume of QUIZZ HOE$$ and we all need to attend so they continue letting me have this shindig.

Eat a hot dog on a Septa bus and head down to Kung Fu to compete in four rounds of seriously dumb but VERRRRYYY sexy pop music questions that make you question your friendships and your sexuality.

Teams should be the size of the amount of texts I send to my crush when I am drunk, like 4-5 people max per team plz!

~PLZ DO NOT CHEAT! I buy prizes with money I get from walking other people's dogs and I use it on ya'll and let's just be fair and sexy plz! PLZ!!


Seriously come out, it's usually a blast. I am not proofreading anything I just wrote, so call me out for my grammar in person TUESDAY OCTOBER 15th @ Kung Fu Necktie oh fuck

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N. Front St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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