Wo Fat, The Well

Wo Fat

The Well

Lord Crow, DJ psiLOSybin

Thu, June 22, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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This event is 21 and over

Wo Fat
Wo Fat
After over 10 years of slinging their Texas-sized psychedelic blues doom, Wo Fat is going stronger and rocking harder than ever, promising to continue their swampadelic visionquest of overdriven, fuzz-laden riffage and jazz-minded jam explorations with the next chapter, entitled Midnight Cometh, looming on the horizon. Through five studio albums, a live album, and a couple splits, starting with The Gathering Dark in 2006, they have stayed true to the deep, dark blues that wails from within and have forged their riffs with a primal grooviness, giving them a consistency of style, even while they have progressed and matured as a band, with their musical forays getting heavier but also trippier at times. 2009’s Psychedelonaut really began to solidify the Wo Fat name, garnering them wider critical recognition, leading to releases with Nasoni and Totem Cat records and then on to their two most critically acclaimed releases to date, The Black Code (2013) and The Conjuring (2014,) both released on the iconic stoner rock label, Small Stone Records, with The Conjuring landing on NPR’s “Top Ten Metal Albums of 2014” list, among numerous other “best of” lists. One reviewer (yourlastrites.com) aptly described the album this way: “It’s hard to know where to place The Conjuring along the stoner spectrum because it’s metal heavy, but it rolls like rock.” During these last few years, Wo Fat has made appearances at the legendary Roadburn Festival, Desertfest, Freak Valley Festival, Psycho California Festival and Sylak Open Air Festival as parts of a number of successful international tours.
In May and June of 2016, coinciding with another European tour that included appearances at Desertfest Berlin, Desertfest London and one of the largest metal festivals in Europe, the famed Hellfest in France, where they made Metal Hammer’s “Nine Best Bands of Friday at Hellfest” list Wo Fat teamed up with a label on the rise, Ripple Records, to release Midnight Cometh, the newest slab of riffage that is possibly their most daring psychotropic exploration of heaviness to date. With voodoo drums beating and molten blues-tempered waves of guitar riffery, they are carrying on the Wo Fat tradition of keeping things heavy and fuzzy, but also groovy, which, all too often, is a missing element in much modern heavy music. You can hear the echoes of field hollers and that oft forgotten “way back yonder funk” that fuel the fire that burns deep in the swamp at the witching hour. You can feel the rush of living on the edge and glimpse a phantasmal Coltrane in your peripheral vision as they careen through improvisational jams. And all this with an unrelenting metal heaviness underscoring apocalyptic lyrics that conjure visions of the end of an age, (our age?) and black midnight bargains and the consequences reaped. While Wo Fat may be speaking a familiar language to the apostles of the riff, there isn’t anyone that sounds quite like them.
Midnight Cometh has been welcomed by loads of great reviews and Wo Fat has had a full page interview feature in Classic Rock Magazine.
Rumor has it that incantations and conjurings of the Riff have begun for the next album…
The Well
The Well
Austin-based power trio The Well redefine heavy rock by merging massive riffs with sophisticated melodies. Their progressive sound stems from a nostalgic desire to blend different musical styles as diversified as Joy Division to Blue Cheer. The group blossomed when guitarist/vocalist Ian Graham was fired from his previous band. Determined to redirect his musical focus, Graham hooked up with bassist Lisa Alley and the two began picking out riffs in their east-side garage. Rounding out their sound, they stole drummer Jason Sullivan from Graham's old band in a tale of vengeance and karma. His solid groove and reckless tribal beat gave the three-piece their ideal primal attack.
Due to their psychedelic doom edge, The Well reap comparisons to Black Sabbath, Sleep, Electric Wizard and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. As fans of cult horror films, they embrace the sinister, revel in dark themes and find inspiration in haunting echoes. The dual vocals of Graham and Alley evoke an ancient language that carries a mystic spell. Daunting rhythms and heavy guitars often accentuate their chilling chants. In the spring of 2012 The Well's first studio experience was to record their debut 7″ at the Barbeque Shack with Tia Carrera's Jason Morales. Limited to 300 copies, 'Seven' was pressed on mixed vinyl with several cover options featuring hand-drawn art that emulated a few of the band's favorite album covers. Nicknamed the "rip-off" series, the single sold out quickly becoming a favorite among European collectors.
By the fall of 2012, The Well were back in the studio again, this time at Ohm Recording Facility with Producer Mark Deutrom (Melvins, Sun O)))) and Engineer Chico Jones to record their debut album. However, an opportunity to record with Converse Rubber Tracks during SXSW 2013 resulted in the epic track "Eternal Well" and sparked the idea of an EP. 'First Trip' was pressed with a handful of songs from the Ohm sessions together with "Eternal Well" just in time for their West Coast Summer Tour. Due to the energy and excitement of their live shows, the disc sold out quickly. With each repressing, a different hand-screened cover was printed until all four limited editions sold out. One of their most rabid fans was Riding Easy Records label boss Daniel Hall who recently signed the band.
Inspired by early '70s psych and proto-metal, The Well have created a sound that reflects doom, punk and horror all rolled together in a ghostly rock soundtrack. Their full-length debut, 'Samsara', is their strongest collection of songs to date. Produced by Mark Deutrom and released through Riding Easy Records, the masterwork is a stripped down, electric blues fuzzfest and begs to be heard live. After a steady touring schedule that's seen the band share the stage with international acts such as: Kadavar, Orchid, Fu Manchu, High On Fire, NAAM, Orange Goblin, Pentagram and Dead Meadow guarantees The Well are street-tough contenders. "Writing dark, ominous music is how I deal with life," admits Ian. "When we play live it's like expelling the demons." At a time when rock music is fading among the masses, The Well inject an intoxicating dose of raw adrenaline into a fatigued genre. Their nostalgic reverence, simple structure and modern expression put them at the forefront of today's heavy rock.
Lord Crow
Lord Crow
Lord Crow is a riff heavy power trio from Philadelphia consisting of ex Turmoil, Lickgokdensky, The Deadly, and featuring members of Bardus, King Slender, and Carved Up. Their debut EP will be available in early May
DJ psiLOSybin
DJ psiLOSybin
Carlos Bonilla, AKA “LOS-A-MATIC,” “PsiLOSybin,”or simply “LOS” has been a consistent dj in Philadelphia for well over a decade, with an ever-growing vinyl collection based in the love of psychedelic rock.

He currently co-hosts the longest running dj night at Johnny Brenda’s, “Cities on Flame” (focusing on 70’s to modern proto-metal and heavy rock) and the bi-annual “Tropical Voodoo” night (AfroRock, Brazilian Beats, Latin Roots, Psych Grooves, Cosmic Soul), to name a few, as well as crafting dj sets around acts like Nick Turner’s Hawkwind, Kikagaku Moyo at Kung Fu Necktie, Fuzz at Underground Arts and many other heavy and heady bands around town.

Atlantis the Lost Bar, in Kensington, has been his testing grounds for well over ten years. You can find him there every second Tuesday of the month spinning his variety of 60’s psychedelia, 90’s shoegaze, krautrock, and blues-rock and also collaborating with the Riff Mountain DJ collective. His music knowledge, with the vinyl to back it up, is far, wide and deep.

Not only is LOS an avid record collector, but also a graphic designer and artist. You will find his love of music history embedded in the fliers, album covers and other work he creates.

LOS is globetrotting through his records. He is the messenger, sending out uplifting vibes to initiate escapism for these hard times.
Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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