APHRA, Magdalena Bay

Mon, August 21, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm



This event is 21 and over

Whether it was moving to New York from London at 18 years old without having ever lived in
the States before; starting and running my own record label (Neon Gold) out my college
dorm room at 19; throwing monthly punk nights (Fuzz) in NYC out of a dive karaoke bar in
chinatown when I was 21; or starting a band (MS MR) at 22 having never written a song or
performed live before in my life - I've always leapt without question.
Passion and instinct are my guiding forces, especially when it comes to the music I love and
the music I make. There’s a blurred line between naiveté and bravery mixed with a healthy
dose of ego, and I’ve always straddled it. I can’t help but continue to hurl myself head first
into the deep end, relying on my gut and perseverance in the face of gambles and risks. So
here I am, once again, taking myself to the diving board, ready to do something different.
Separate from MS MR and Neon Gold - having dedicated 9 years of my life to both so far - I
wanted and needed to get outside of my comfort zone, to write music and create a world
that was entirely my own. LPX is a different but equally important extension of myself, a
direct result of the bands and artists on which I was raised.
I was formed in the wake of honest, loud, and wild women like Karen O, Kathleen Hanna and
PJ Harvey. And took every opportunity to catch shows in London and New York, even if it
meant sneaking in underage, to see bands like TV on the Radio, Tom Vek, Bloc Party and
The Strokes. I still feed off the high and energy I get from listening to my favorite bands and
they're a driving force behind LPX.
I'm here to assert myself - harder, louder, and stronger - as a woman and an artist. A force to
be reckoned with, wrapped in amplified distortion, emotion and chaos.
I want to make music that RIPS through your speakers and shakes you to your core, the kind
of music that gets into your blood and truly makes you FEEL.
This is me. This is mine. Self imagined. Self made. Self realized. Self funded. Self released. I
am LPX. Hear me roar, more raw and aggressive than ever before.
"There’s a dark undercurrent to her sound, a coldness echoed in drum machine beats and electronic textures" and "urgent floor-tom rhythms." Lorde or The xx might be easy parallels, in that her music definitely pop, but not necessarily happy pop. “I wrote this song when I was depressed,” Way said during one introduction. “Actually, I write most of my songs when I’m depressed.”

"Don’t be fooled. Aphra is anything but a downer. Way uses her music as a means of quiet catharsis, but it’s transformative." -WXPN, The Key
Magdalena Bay
Magdalena Bay
Magdalena Bay is a pop duo comprised of Mica Tenenbaum songwriting and vocals) and Matthew Lewin (songwriting and production). After writing rock music for years, Matt and Mica decided to switch it up and take on the pop genre. Thus, Magdalena Bay was formed in early 2016. Described as "future space pop" and "summer electropop", the duo has released five crafty and electrifying singles.
Venue Information:
Upstairs at Kung Fu Necktie
1248 N. Front St
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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