B.R. Lively

B.R. Lively

John Beacher, Beaucoup Blue, The Whiskeyhickon Boys

Tue, October 17, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

B.R. Lively
B.R. Lively
Eager to trade a rooted, restless life at home for new horizons, indie-folk songwriter B.R. Lively decided to hit the road last summer…for good. Leaving town in a renovated 1991 Winnebago named Joanie, he began making his way across the country, playing shows during his nightly pit stops.

It was a new way of life — a whirlwind of blue skies, campsites, national parks, state routes, driveways, and mile markers, with new landscapes flashing by the windshield at highway speed. Lively felt transfixed, transformed, inspired. He'd literally unplugged himself from his world back home, now living in a cozy, minimal house on wheels equipped with solar paneled electricity. Along the way, he finished writing songs for his first solo album, Into the Blue.

Released on October 6th, 2017, Into the Blue is a cinematic record rooted in folk music, Southern Gothic soul, and the therapeutic rush of the open road. There are sweeping string arrangements, folk anthems, Motown-inspired rhythms, Nick Drake-worthy acoustic guitars, and slow, stripped-down ballads. At the center of the mix is Lively himself: a self-taught singer and multi-instrumentalist who isn't afraid to shine a light on the lessons learned during his physical and spiritual journey.

No newcomer to the stage, Lively launched his career as a teenager in Dallas, Texas, cutting his teeth with a string of club gigs in Deep Ellum. He headed east after graduation, settling in Athens, GA, to attend college and broaden his horizons. Several years later, Into the Blue finds him returning to central Texas, where he recorded the album's 11 songs alongside producer Gordy Quist (the frontman of Texas' own Band of Heathens), longtime friend Thomas Avery (who wrote and recorded the album's lush string arrangements), and Band of Heathens members Scott Davis and Richard Millsap. The most electric, nuanced project of his career, Into the Blue turns Lively's experiences — both at home and on the road — into what he proudly calls a "sonic journey of spirit."

"The past year and a half has been a time of immense self-discovery," says Lively, who also took songwriting inspiration from a messy breakup. "I've focused on finding a more conscious way to live in this world with awareness, integrity, and respect for other people, myself, and the Earth. Suffering can be a catalyst for change, and for me, getting my heart broken gave me the opportunity to deepen the relationship with myself and explore the openness of a renewed and transformed mind within my music and my life."

Tracks like "Oh These Eyes," "Lonesome," and "Minute by Minute" are rooted in the breakup itself, while "Summertime Sky," "Free Of," and "Are We In It For the Gold?" find Lively making perceptions about the world at large. The result is an album that's both intimately personal and widely universal. Released independently, Into the Blue marks a new chapter in a story that's still unfolding, offering up melodic plot twists, sympathetic characters, and a narrator who doubles as one of the folk scene's most promising up-and-comers.
John Beacher
A prolific songwriter, natural performer and “hope enthusiast,” John Beacher has built his decade-long career not only with talent but a genuine spirit and kind heart. John’s music is a homecoming for the soul, timeless and sincere, and taps
into a source that runs far deeper than the songwriter himself. Rooted in rhythm and blues yet unbound by genre, each song is a musical tapestry woven with soulful threads. Whether he’s singing songs of social justice, belting out blues or funk, or serenading the audience with a love ballad, there is no doubt that John is completely one with the music. He is a seasoned musician whose ability to improvise both on guitar and with his voice makes each performance an entirely unique reflection of the audience and his surroundings.

Since receiving his first guitar at age 11, writing, singing and playing became John’s all-consuming passion, and by age 17 he was performing his own compositions professionally. Throughout his 20s, John’s love for people and music led him to travel the US and abroad, collecting stories, writing songs and building friendships until he finally settled in Boulder, Colorado. There he spent several years honing his craft, playing in various music projects and performing in venues all over the Boulder/Denver area.

In 2011 John made the decision to move back to his hometown of New Hope, Pennsylvania, and give his music career 100% of his attention. Since then he has become a full-time singer-songwriter, a community keystone in Bucks County and a regular name on WXPN 88.5 FM Philadelphia. His weekly “Community Stage at Karla’s” in New Hope has become a staple in the local music community, drawing talent from all over Bucks County and beyond for more than five years. During that time, John released a live self-titled solo acoustic album, collaborated on multiple music video projects with his friend Louis Sparre of Tweed Video and developed a sustainable career as what he calls a “blue collar musician.”

John has organized concerts; played countless venues, weddings, private events and fundraisers; and has shared the stage with accomplished national acts such as Leon Russell, Rusted Root, Cheryl Wheeler, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Dean Ween Group and Elephant Revival, to name a few. In 2015 he had the honor of performing at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Live at the World Café in Philadelphia and The Musicfest Café at Steelstacks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In addition to being a live performer, John has a sideline composing music for Tweed Video, working on projects for clients such as The American Lung Association, NBC, Comcast, and Mural Arts Philadelphia.

John recently released Rise Up, a self-produced album engineered by John Fachett and recorded at Sweet Creek Studios in Ottsville, Pennsylvania. It includes 10 new songs unlike anything he has previously released and features 13 other accomplished musicians.

These days John calls Point Pleasant PA home, where he has been
developing the John Beacher and The Common Ground, consisting of Mike Ruhl (bass), and George Flayer (violin). With a new album, new band, and new opportunities on the horizon, John has set his sights on Philadelphia and beyond, looking toward traveling and playing his way across the country, building family and continually promoting a
message of unity and hope.
Beaucoup Blue
Beaucoup Blue is the Americana Philadelphia based duo of David and Adrian Mowry. Father and son have been performing their roots based music nationally and internationally as a duo, quartet and on occasion quintet. Bridging many gaps in American music, their soulful traditional and contemporary styles mesh into an innovative and authentic sound. Although blues is a staple in their repertoire, they base their love in music from Folk, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Country and Bluegrass. All these interests and influences come out in their original song-writing in a unique way. Beaucoup Blue had previously released two albums: “Out Of The Woodwork” 2003, and “Hearts At Home” 2005. The long awaited third album “Free To Fall” is produced by Grammy nominated Jim Salamone. A handsome range of instruments like six and twelve string guitars, slide guitar, round neck resonator guitar, combined with two soulful voices, encompasses a rich and honest feel, noticeably influenced by familial ties. Hear for yourself two generations coming together for the common good of great music everywhere.
The Whiskeyhickon Boys
Twenty or thirty years ago, a newborn baby was bathing in the Wissahickon river when a blazing comet lit up the night sky like the forth of July. It soared through the air and entered the atmosphere and finally landed in the water right next to the laughing boy child. He reached out to touch it and something that never happened before in the history of time, did... The infant began to sing. All across the forest the birds flew into the sky in a burst of feathers as the countryside rang out with; " I was booooorn by the river...." And then the ancient prophecy came true and the world saw on that day that "a change is gonna come".
Noah Hudson was working in his Funky laboratory one afternoon in the late nineties when his experiment went awry and he was bitten by a radioactive bass. Since that fateful day he realized that he could telepathically communicate with all stringed bass instruments. After a short stint as a super villain known as "Dangerzone" he realized that with funky power comes funky responsibility and formed the super team "the Whiskeyhickon Boys" under the heroic moniker of "Nudson, the Funkiest man alive". Coupled with his natural strength that comes from being the worlds tallest dwarf, he and his teammates have fought the "Dark Ones" around the globe with a force that can only be described as "the shit".
Very little is actually known about the man called Adam Pascal, according to tramps and hobos who claim to have seen him in real life, he was born in New Texas (a state of mind) in the year 42069. During the second frogborg vs chinchillabot war, Adam, the last full blooded human, was sent back in time to our current era with all of the sacred knowledge of the Funk downloaded into his brain. His mission was to use the Funk to heal the minds of mankind so that humans never create the evil amphibian flu that changes the course of evolution itself. So far this disaster has been averted partially due to his former league of extraordinary mamajammas. and his success is now assured since he has become the drummer of the fabled "Whiskeyhickon boys". If you are lucky enough to see him in person, do not look too hard at his hands while he is playing because the residual time energy he brought back from the future is known to bring on spontaneous pregnancy and ear in-funk-tions.
Venue Information:
Upstairs at Kung Fu Necktie
1248 N. Front St
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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