White Boy And The Average Rat Band

White Boy And The Average Rat Band

Sparrow Steeple, Kiel Everett

Tue, November 21, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

White Boy And The Average Rat Band
White Boy And The Average Rat Band
Heaven and Hell Records will soon be reissuing a square-peg of a sort, which might leave a few scratching their heads. For the first time ever officially reissued, and first time ever released on CD WHITE BOY AND THE AVERAGE RAT BAND will be made available for collectors and introduced to new audiences.

WHITE BOY AND THE AVERAGE RAT BAND formed in the small secluded Virginia mountain town Richlands around 1979 after guitarist and founder Mike Matney returned from a short stint with a band in Nashville, Tennessee. Once back home Matney began to put together his Average Rat Band consisting of bassist Tommy Altizer (R.I.P) , rhythm guitarist Seth Kelly and Tim Gilbert.

In 1980 the project was ready to go into a small local studio and record a slap of DIY heaviness. The 8-track album would see a modest release of 300 and limited distribution beyond the band’s means.

“Beyond all the vagueness lies a very confusing, very DIY-sounding Heavy Metal album that'll have you wondering the intentions from the get-go. Did these guys know how fucked up they were?” –Tony Rettman (Vice News)

Jump forward several years and WHITE BOY AND THE AVERAGE RAT BAND was now an obscure memory, but the album the band released was beginning to be remembered, remembered and discovered by collectors worldwide who would be paying hundreds of dollars to get one of these pieces of wax in their collections. Every fan of post punk and proto-metal would have this record topping their want-list.
Sparrow Steeple
Sparrow Steeple
Sparrow Steeple are a group made up of members of the Strapping Fieldhands fronted by contemporary visual artist Barry Goldberg. Originally created years ago by Strapping Fieldhands members Bob Malloy & Jeff Werner along with Barry Goldberg as a side project, Sparrow Steeple has surged forward recently with a new impetus to record and play live. A new LP will be coming out soon on Richie Records. The line-up now includes Bob Dickie and Jacy Webster, both from the Strapping Fieldhands, and Harmonica Dan. Expect psychedelic music.
Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie Upstairs
1248 N. Front St
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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