Slophouse, Dear Forbidden, Endless Taile

Sun, July 1, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Hailing from a culturally diverse city that straddles the United States and Mexico, Kikimora has evolved into a prolific musical creation that transcends genres and blends intense emotions into complex, ephemeral journeys.

The four-piece band based in El Paso, TX, can shift effortlessly from brilliant jazz melodies to firmly signposted chord changes and key sifts. The subtle solos and the passionate crescendos are created in equal parts by Haley Lynch's shrewd lyrics and soulful vocals along with the improvisational instincts of keyboardist Leo Bennato. The band also boasts the pin-sharp bass lines of veteran musician Jericho and the big sound of drummer Albert Braun.

Whether they are hugging the middle register of Lynch's jazz-influenced guitar or resolving into blues and funk rhythms, Kikimora lives up to their namesake, which is a playful or mischievous spirit.

The band - which formed after a chance encounter between Bennato and Lynch in 2015 - has recently completed their first full-length studio record titled "Laika." The new record stays true to the band's original incarnation, giving audiences an opportunity to roam between romantic ballads or poly-rhythmic meditations on neo-funk.

The band continues to hone its skills as a live act, where the improvisational instincts are clearly visible on stage. A band that continues to evolve and continues to carve their own path as musicians and friends.
Indie, Post-Hardcore, Post-Punk, 90's rock, Turbo-Gospel-core
Dear Forbidden
Dear Forbidden
Philadelphia, PA. Distorted guitars paint the backdrop for haunting melodies sung from a letter that wasn’t meant to be sent.
Endless Taile
~Soul Power Trio Rock Band
~Visionary Music Alchemists
~Jamming the Infinite Groove
~City of Brotherly Love
~Philadelphia InterGalactic
Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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