Echo Bloom

Echo Bloom

Megan Knight, Christine Irizarry

Mon, July 16, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Echo Bloom
Echo Bloom
I grew up in the South and listened to a lot of local radio growing up - Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd. In addition to that, my parents listened to a mixture of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals (The King and I, Oklahoma!, etc.) and 60's surf rock, mostly the The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean.

So that was all swirling in the background, but I didn't pick up an instrument until college. When I was in school (University of Florida) I got heavily into electroacoustic music, really experimental, academic stuff, which got me excited about recording. I moved to Washington DC after college and started recording some sketches of things I had written, which eventually mutated into songs. I had recorded everything solo, but needed a live band, so I formed The Rosemont Family Reunion. We toured around the East Coast, and after a bit reformed as Echo Bloom (a play on the phrase 'Echo Boom', describing the children of baby boomers). The first Echo Bloom record was recorded much faster - a 4-day session in 2008. 'Jamboree' was a a collection of character studies, modeled after the photography of August Sander. Each song was about a character - there was a prostitute, an English Teacher, and a truck driver, among others. I put out the record, and after playing the release show immediately moved to Los Angeles. DC had become stale to me, and I was looking for an adventure.

When I was thinking about the next record I wanted to make, I sat down and looked at what I had done before. Jamboree was a fun album that bounced through a lot of different genres, and some of the experiments turned out better than others.

The three songs that I thought were the best on the record were "The Prostitute," "The English Teacher", and "The Businessman". So I decided to write a record around each of them. Because there were three, all slightly different genres, I found myself thinking about them as different seasons, or different countries, or, finally, different colors. 'Blue' would be the more folk-oriented one, 'Red' would be more country rock, and 'Green' would be more classic pop.

When I started to write Blue, I realized that the sound I was hearing in my head was larger and more symphonic than anything I'd done before. I knew that I wanted things to be specific, and I'd need time to learn how to write the parts. So I moved to Berlin to focus on things. Berlin turned out to be the perfect location for focusing - I didn't know anybody or speak the language, so I didn't have many distractions. All there was to do was write, and occasionally bike through the city for inspiration, letting the rhythms of the city soak into my thinking. A few months later, I was done.

When I went back to the US, I decided to end up in New York City. The city is electric, and the ambition surrounding me was intoxicating and inspiring.

I found an apartment, and started recruiting musicians to join me. The primary ensemble became a six-piece: I sang tenor and played acoustic guitar, Aviva Jaye sang alto and played piano, Steve Sasso sang baritone vocals and played banjo, Shareef Taher played percussion, Jason Mattis played bass, and Josh Grove played electric guitar. We recorded the album over a period of months, painstakingly going through the score to get every piece right. And I remember each moment in every piece and its story - one bridge from an old library along the Spree, a piano line from a street in Neukölln - the songs continue to echo, continue to bloom.
Megan Knight
State of Mind is the latest EP release from this impossibly soulful and impassioned artist. Her bold vocals coupled with an innocent twang, delivers a righteous performance that stands out from the crowd. The poised influence of her new music reveals a powerful songwriter willing to risk what it takes to push the limits as far as they will go. The body of the pieces are strongly defined by its contradictions; confident yet vulnerable. Megan’s unique point-of–view, innovation and musical approach, radiates throughout the project; outlining a perfect balance between modern and classic sounds, that pull inspiration from many different genres.

In the short time that Knight has entered onto the music scene she has had the opportunity to work with many expert songwriters/musicians/engineers etc such as: Gary Nichols (Mercury Recording Artist; Former Lead Singer of the Grammy Award Winning Bluegrass Band, The Steeldrivers); Jimmy Nutt (Engineer/Mixer/Owner: Grammy Winning Recording Studio - Nutthouse Recording in Muscle Shoals, AL); James LeBlanc (Guitarist on Knight’s first full length album – also a songwriter has written songs for Martina McBride, Bryan White, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Thompson Square and more. James also co-wrote the hit song “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde” for Travis Tritt and also co-wrote “Relentless” for Jason Aldean and “Learning How to Bend” for Gary Allan); Jamie Myerson (Numerous commercial placements with AT&T; Twix; Hyundai, etc); Jamie McFarlane (Son of Legendary Muscle Shoals, AL guitarist Will McFarlane –Associate Acts Bonnie Raitt, Etta James, Jackson Browne) + many more.

2018 has already been very good to this talented songstress and she is looking forward to her next album, being recorded in Nashville, TN, to be released late 2018 or early 2019. Her supporters in Muscle Shoals, Nashville, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York are helping her lay the ground work to build a community of harmonious friends leading a new charge in the music industry.
Christine Irizarry
Christine Irizarry is a Philadelphia area singer songwriter. Her roots are in musical theater but she draws inspiration in everything from the 1950's crooners, to jazz, to motown, to indie, to top 40 pop songs. She strives to create music that will tell a story and make the listener feel something real or see life in a way that they hadn't before.
Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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