Party On Hashland Ave

Party On Hashland Ave

Muddy Taylor, Overtime Boyz, CloseCash, Blassphemy, Reseyolo

Wed, February 27, 2019

Doors: 11:00 pm / Show: 11:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Live from Fishtown, Philadelphia
"Life's One Big Vacation" first SELF produced album coming Summer '17
Muddy Taylor
Overtime Boyz
Philadelphia, PA
As an artist and producer from South Jersey, closecash, comes from a world that many who share his ethnicity have never seen. He uses his rare circumstance to create imagery within his music that looks at life from a very different angle.

In the 2nd grade, closecash was asked by his mother whether he wanted to take piano lessons or start karate classes. Though his choice was karate classes, his mother decided for him that he was going to learn piano. Her words to him were, “One day you’re going to thank me for this.” And without a doubt, he is thankful.

closecash understands the way he was raised was a lot different from other people. He was blessed to have both parents in the home but their intense love for him created a strict environment for closecash to feel free in. So he turned to bad company and the streets for acceptance. Without fail, this led him directly to the school of hard knocks. Though he wishes he never had to walk down that path, he can admit it has made him a better person and put him into a position to be able to directly relate with people in that struggle.

Now, closecash is focused on using his gift to express himself in a positive way. He yearns to turn the world around him into art. “I want to make music that makes you feel something, even if you don’t agree with it… I want it to hit your heart and I want it to make you think.”
Alfred Bowles aka Blasphamy aka B - Ez aka Bz, Is from Cherry Hill NJ where he has lived since 2yrs old. His Mother Deborah Bowles was born in Jersey City and his father Alfred Bowles was born in South Philadelphia. Blasphamy started listening to and understanding rap music at the age of 11yrs. The very first song he listened to was Big Poppa by Biggie and ever since he was hooked. 14yrs old is when Blasphamy started rapping, every morning in the lunch cafeteria before school officially started he and 4 of his friends would rap with music they had written the night before or freestyle until it was time for them to start the school day. Until he was 18, he was in a group called the UNTOUCHABLES which was Blas and his 4 closest friends. 2yrs from later he started rapping for a Christian group called Flo-Titus and went under the alias B - Ez traveling from church to church performing gospel Rap with a church following but had it's tales from the streets as well. Blas did gospel rap for a yr and a half until an unfortunate family event happened. His 13yr old cousin De De was raped and killed in Philadelphia PA which made Blas look at life from a different perspective and he stopped Gospel Rap. Blasphamy continued rapping with his own style and own stories and on May 2011 put out his first official mix tape called The First Avenger, a mix tape that was only known through family and friends. In 2012 he released his 2nd mix tape called Redemption of the Damned which got a little more press and found it's way into more hands than just his local friends and family. With an outgoing personality and a Never say die attitude Blasphamy is an up and coming rapper that fuses rap with story telling, jokes, and a whole arsenal of wordplay and entertainment genre at his disposal. He always says to people, As long as you believe in yourself everyone else will follow.
Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

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